"The setting of the story and the account of what has happened there are remarkably concrete. But the narrator himself, the more vividly and definitely he remembers, the closer and closer he is getting to disintegration. That’s an effective mechanism, very unsettling."

- David Constantine

“Frankel’s prose is simply delicious, from one-sentence sound-bites to luxurious descriptions of paintings, ultimately delivering a heartfelt snapshot of Edvard Munch in a relatively short stretch of time.”

- Charlotte Barnes, Sabotage Review

“David Frankel’s ‘The Place’ with its marvellous voice and vulnerable main character, keeps on intriguing long after it is read.”

- Vanessa Gebbie

“Incredibly moving for me was ‘The Place’ by David Frankel. This poignant story is suffused with sadness and longing, a mediation on loneliness and stifled lives.”

- Arja Salafranca, Short Review