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THE REMEMBERED LANDSCAPE is an ongoing writing project, supported by Arts Council England. It explores the relationship between landscape and memory —how the landscape shapes us, how it exists in our memory, and how our perception of it is affected by personal narrative.

The research has been rooted in a physical exploration and documentation of the landscape using drawing and photography. The emphasis is on two distinctly different areas of England, each with autobiographical importance, but which also encapsulate many of the economic and social changes that England has undergone in my lifetime.

The first is the East Kent landscape where I have lived for twenty-five years. I have been writing and drawing different sites, considering how familiarity clouds our relationship with place, and the changes particular sites undergo. The second is in southern Lancashire; the landscape where I grew up. Here, I have been looking at how we are shaped by the landscapes and places we are raised and live. Both locations have provided inspiration for my fiction and my landscape paintings and drawings.


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