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The Hours of Our Lady
A film by Cathy Rogers, with sound design by Adam Collins and Sean Price

A trick of the light…

I’ve always been interested in the interaction between words, image and sound, and this led to a collaboration with artist/filmmaker Cathy Rogers, and sound designers Adam Collins and Sean Price to create an experimental film. Performance artist, Sam Lou Talbot, created a series of spell-like readings from the text of my chapbook, ‘The Hours of Our Lady’. From this ‘incantation’, Adam and Sean created an eerily beautiful sound piece, which, in turn, was used by Cathy as the inspiration for her abstract film — a collage of telecined 8mm and 16mm film. Part of the power of the film lies in its abstraction, and in the pareidolia the viewer experiences watching it – searching for images, faces, or figures in the broken, hypnotic flickering of black and white. It represents the idea of film as a ‘trick of the light’, which is where Our Lady of Darkness really resides.

Stills from 'The Hours of Our Lady' film, by Cathy Rogers

‘The Hours of Our Lady’ is available from Salò Press 

A brief, marvellous, haunting book, reminiscent of Sebald and Sinclair.' - David Swann

‘David Frankel’s sharp, alluring fragments read like reports from a disturbing world that, with gradual alarm, we realize is the same one we’re standing in.’  - Ashley Stokes

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